RenShape Modeling & Tooling Boards & Seamless Modeling Paste

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For over fifteen years, Freeman has offered the RenShape line of modeling, styling, and tooling boards. We are proud to be Huntsman’s number one stocking distributor of RenShape boards, with the largest offering of boards made in the United States.

It all started with the now-industry-standard RenShape 450, a lightweight urethane board that offers a p
erfect blend of durability & machinability for most modeling applications. Like all RenShape boards, it is available in a range of thicknesses to eliminate waste and save time in the glue-up process.

Since the introduction of RenShape 450, many additional RenShape modeling boards have been added, including RenShape 460 and RenShape 5460, two slightly denser boards that offer smoother, finer surface finishes.

Freeman also offers RenShape 440 and 5440, two more economical styling boards that are ideal for the construction of lighter and larger models.

The newest additions to the RenShape line are four low density foam boards. Ranging in density from 10 to 30 pounds per cubic foot, each board features excellent machinability and provides a finish superior to any other board in its class. Plus, all of these boards are available in larger sizes up to four feet wide and eight feet long, and up to eight inches in thickness, saving time in the glue-up process and making these boards the most economical choice for many modeling and styling applications.

On the other side of the spectrum are tooling and high temperature work boards engineered for more demanding and more critical applications. Many times these tough, durable work boards are an excellent alternative to metal.

For elevated temperature applications, such as the post cure of prepreg parts or epoxy tools, Huntsman created Ren Shape 550, which is a board that can withstand continuous temperatures of 200 degrees Fahrenheit and offers a dense, wear resistant surface finish.

RenShape 5166 was developed specifically for prototype metal forming applications. A very dense and heavy board, it features very high compressive strength, enabling numerous prototype sheet metal parts to be formed without having to use expensive metal tooling.

RenShape 5169 is a unique product developed for highly abrasive foundry tooling applications. The strongest work board of the RenShape line, it features excellent wear-resistance and impact resistance, without sacrificing machinability.

Additionally, many thermoformers have found 5169 to be an excellent material for creating plastic tools for forming clear plastic parts. The smooth machined finish of this board will not cloud clear plastics.

RenShape 472 and the lighter weight RenShape 473 are our most popular fixture boards. These board are designed to withstand the extended use and handling endured by support tooling in the metal-forming industry.

The RenShape Epoxy Tooling Boards were originally developed for the aircraft industry. Urethane boards, when used as a master for curing prepreg parts, were known to cause cure inhibition problems unless properly sealed with special coatings. Epoxy boards do not exhibit this characteristic and may be used with prepreg systems without any cure inhibtion concerns.

RenShape 5003 is an excellent choice for the newer low temperature curing prepregs. RenShape 5008 is for designed for use at higher temperatures. And for extremely high temperature applications such as prototype injection molding, RenShape 2000 is a premium epoxy board that machines very well and produces a superior finish.

Freeman also carries
Ren Seamless Modeling Paste, a complement to the RenShape line. This machine dispensed two-part epoxy paste system allows a toolmaker to cast a RenShape-quality material on the surface of an existing pattern. Not only is this a cost-effective way to retool an existing RenShape pattern, it is also used to create a 3/4 to 1 1/2 inch thick seamless surface over an undersized substructure made from a less expensive material such as urethane foam board.

Seamless Modeling Paste can be applied to vertical surfaces and even upside down and allows you to build a seamless tool in sizes impossible or impractical with regular tooling boards.

With its excellent machinability, comparable to the industry-standard RenShape 450, seamless modeling paste is an exciting technology used in many larger tooling applications because of its unmatched quality and overall cost savings in time, labor, and material.